The Blue Nude Dudes

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                 Blue Nude IV. Henri Matisse 1952.

The Guys and Gals from the Café Matisse

Le Touquet 16th-18th March 2007




A fine time was had by all during three days of sport and entertainment based around the Café Matisse, and our hotel, Le Nouveau Caddy. . Here are some highlights.


1. The Calm before the Storm:

Waiting for Karen, George, Ali and Dave to arrive:

Laura, 16.03.07

2. Coach (but of what?)…

Laura, 16.03.07

3. Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…

                                                                                                                         Laura, 16.03.07

4. The Beer all seems to disappear around here… (Karen, 16.03.07)

5.Pre-Dinner Drinks – Café Matisse6, La Tante Isa 1

Laura 16.03.07

7.Later - La Tante Isa 11

Laura, 16.03.07

8. Hide Me from the Camera Dave!

Karen, 16.03.07

9. Unexplainable hand elephantitis

Karen, 16.03.07

10. Go George! (Sports Bar, Friday Evening)

Jo, 16.03.07

11. Rabbit in a hat (Sports Bar)

Jo, 16.03.07

12. Riverdance Rob (Sports Bar) (Jo, 16.03.07)

13. Dave & Ali??? (Sports Bar)

Jo, 16.03.07

14.Dave,Rob,Laura in the Casino Nightclub(Where are all the French?)

Jo, 17.03.07

15. Rhythm is a Dancer (Jo, Casino Nightclub, FridayNight)

J0, 16.03.07

16.Moonwalk (Dave, Casino Nightclub, Friday Night)

Jo, 16.03.07

17. Ali Lambada (Casino Nightclub, Friday Night)

Jo, 16.03.07

18. “Hello Le Touquet!” (Jo, Casino Nightclub), Friday Night

Jo, 16.03.07

19. “Duck – your girlfriendd’s watching!” (Casino Nightclub, Friday Night)

Jo, 16.03.07

20. Rest and Re-fuelling (Saturday Lunch after tennis, Café Matisse - they don’t appear to have touched the water!)

Dave, 17.03.07

21. Some Blue Dudes (Lunch, Café Matisse)

Dave, 17.03.07

22. “Do you think if I Drop my Camera from Here Later On, it will Break?” (Dave, 17.03.07)

23. John doing his impression of a Church Effigy (after much Effing)

 Karen, 17.03.07

24. Sunday – Farewell to Le Touquet Tennis Club (I think Dave noticed)                     (Dave, 18.03.07)

24. John (oblivious)

The End


    Rob, 25.03.07