Here are a few of the photos from my Cycle/Camping Tour of the French Alps in July 2006.



1. Tent  - first night – somewhere in the countryside on the way between

Aix Les Bains (on the Lac de Bourget near Chambery) where I arrived by train, and Albertville.

Time to test out the camping gear.





2. Day 3: Start of the “Tour des Grands Cols” (circular route of high mountain climbs)

1st Leg - From Albertville to Bourg St Maurice via this climb up to the Lac De Roselende:  2000m






3. Day 3 - Summit – up above the Lac De Roselende – about 2,300 m






4. Day 3: Descent down the other side of the pass to Bourg St Maurice. Cooos with bells on






5. Day 4, evening:  Ascent from Bourg St Maurice towards Val D’Isère (Haute Savoie)






6. Day 5, morning. View from my tent on a campsite below Val D’Isere. About 1600m





7. Day 5: Val D’Isère Dam. Spot Jim Morrison





7. Day 5 – Col D’Iseran above Val D’Isère. The highest road in France. About 2,700m




8. Day 6 – Descent down the other side towards Aussoise (Valais region)




9. Day 5 – Down to the valleys of the Valais– More Cooos



10. Day 6 – Morning in Aussoise (about 900m) followed by lazy cruise downhill.



11. Day 7 – Back up into the mountains and over the Col de la Madeleine – about 2000m.



12. Day 6 - Final descent back down to Albertville to complete the “Tour des Grands Cols”



13. Day 8 - A village on the Lac de Bourget - back near Aix les Bains where I started



14. Last Day – Storm over the lake.